What is Factory Activity Level?

Why is factory activity analytics important, what can you do with it, and why should you care?

The manufacturing industry contributes 35% to the world’s GDP. All it is about is nothing more than the milk you drink, the smartphone you use, the car you drive, and the chair you sit – almost everything. It is therefore important to quantitatively analyze the manufacturing/factory activity in order to understand the trends and patterns.

Nonetheless, manufacturing data is rare, where it gets collected manually and voluntarily. The data is neither comprehensive nor reliable, usually presented in an old-fashioned way plus a few months delayed.

Surprisingly, companies, investors, and politicians/governments make critical decisions relying almost entirely on such data – the only data they have.

What is Fygen Factory Activity Intelligence, and what is our mission?

Factory activity intelligence refers to the capacity load inside single factories, addressing the real-time development and manufacturing patterns (e.g. seasonal and unpredictable downtime).

Fygen offers a data-driven SaaS system that allows you to monitor single factories remotely and real-time globally – No one ever needs to go to the factory sites or fly a drone. We provide you the next-generation competitive intelligence and alternative data by our novel data mining technologies.

What are the applications and use cases of Factory Activity Level?

Industrial clients


There is no data about capacity levels from competitors, and the intelligence relies on rumors.

Fygen’s solution:

We offer highly valuable real-time data about all current capacity levels of your competitors, suppliers, and customers. You will get the decisive data weeks and even months ahead of the others, and optimize strategies to boost your margins, and avoid risks.

Financial sector


Production data is one of the top 5 economic indicators. However, the corresponding publications only appear in a few G10 countries together with long delays and patchy style.

Fygen’s solution:

You can track the current operation levels of players, sectors, regions globally as a unique alternative data for long/short equities, M&A, short sellers, quant funds, and more. You can also get quantified information advantages to help your investors.

Governments and Central banks


Official statistics are based on voluntarily collected historical data, where it is not comprehensive and reliable.

Fygen’s solution:

We deliver real-time and quantified data about the economic behavior of the industries and regions. Our data allows politicians and central bankers to act quicker and on the basis of precise and reliable results.

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Fygen provides you the ability to X-ray industrial activity to answer your organization’s questions. Our platform enables you to track, measure and predict activity in the global industrial activity at the resolution of single factories to make critical decisions. Would you like to learn more?


April 20, 2022 | Fygen Team