Tesla Giga factory Berlin: Ramp-up of manufacturing is slow, but visible

After the official opening of the factory on March 22, geolocation data shows a slow, but steady ramp-up of the activity level. Compared to established car factories and to the activity level during the construction phase, factory performance is still at a low level.

German industrial intelligence provider Fygen.com has observed an increase of factory activity level by 58% during the past 10 weeks since the official factory opening on March 22, 2022.

But, numbers are still below the level which was observed during the most busy phase of the plant construction, which reached its peak at the beginning of March, 2022.

Also, the total number of workforce on site, measured remotely and based on geodata, ist still only a small share compared to other, established factories from Tesla and competitors like Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen. Detailed numbers are available upon request.

Tesla currently attempts to hire about 500-600 people a month for its Gigafactory Berlin, teslarati.com reports.

To closely track its real-time development, German industrial intelligence data provider Fygen.com offers an exclusive and comprehensive monitoring service on the ongoing chip shortage crisis.

Fygen.com declares that, despite aiming to deliver the most accurate and reliable data, it cannot be excluded that observations in the data might be caused or influenced by other external factors, and hence any inaccuracy.

Fygen.com is the world’s leading data provider for factory observation. It helps its clients to monitor utilization rates and activity levels of potentially more than 3 million industrial sites globally.

Photo: Flickr / Steve Jurvetson

June 14, 2022 | editor