Power Transformers

SPX Goldsboro transformer factory recovers after lower activity level in Q1

According to German data provider Fygen.com, the factory activity (i.e. number of working employees) at the SPX Goldsboro factory site has shown a decrease of 28% during the first quarter 2021, compared to previous 4th quarter 2020.

From 22 March 2021 to the reporting date, a recovery back to the level of previous 4th quarter 2020 has been observed. In addition, a weekend shift on 27 – 28 March, where it depicts a similar presenting work force on normal working days, was detected. The observations are based on the analysis of geolocation data.

SPX Transformer Solution, Inc. (SPX Corporation; NYSE: SPXC) manufactures power transformers at its Goldsboro, North Carolina facility. Today, Goldsboro production capabilities include units up to 230,000 volts, 112 MVA transformers.

Fygen.com declares that despite pursuing to deliver the most accurate and reliable data, it cannot be excluded that observations in the data might be caused or influenced by any external factors, and hence any inaccuracy.

Fygen.com is world’s leading data provider for factory observation. It helps its clients to monitor utilization rates and activity levels of more than 3 million industrial sites globally.

April 10, 2021 | Fygen Team