Grain Oriented Electrical Steel (GOES)

JFE Steel offers highest number of different GOES products



The Japanese steel manufacturer JFE Steel Corporation is currently offering the highest number of different Grain Oriented Electrical Steel (GOES) products in the world. The company offers 56 different GOES steels, in the range of 23 mm to 35 mm thickness.


According to the German-based business data provider Fygen, Japan’s Nippon Steel comes in 2nd place, offering 54 Grain Oriented Electrical Steels and Russian firm NLMK sits in 3rd with 41 Grain Oriented Electrical Steels. The database covers products from all manufacturers of Grain Oriented Electrical Steels in the world and is being updated on a monthly base. The database enables all purchasers of electrical Steel to compare all products which are available all over the world. So transformer manufacturers, for example, will make sure to have a complete and up to date overview of the market, which enables them to make the right buying decision.


The specifications of the steels are based on the relevant specifications like grade, thickness, core loss,  lamination factor. In detail, the database provides: Manufacturer, Thickness in mm, Core Loss in W17/50/Kg, W17/50/Lb, W17/60/Kg, W17/60/Lb, Grade, JIS Grade, ASTM Grade, Lam Factor, Laser, Finish, sources of information. For example, you can set a filter for the thickness of 27 mm and you will get all products available from every company worldwide, including a comparison of different core loss specifications.


Photo: Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier / Steel rolls alignment / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0




June 5, 2019 | Fygen Team
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