Fuel Cells

Only a third of 450 fuel cell related companies are still active



Among around 450 companies globally, which are either producing fuel cells, related components or materials, only around 170 are currently in an active operating state.


This is the result of an analysis by German real-time business intelligence provider Fygen. The criteria used to filter the active from the semi-active players were dates of last news and updates, appearance in any news, participation in current business events, social media activity and technical evaluation of websites.


The database provided by Fygen covers all fuel cells related companies worldwide and is updated on a monthly basis. The tool is the one-stop solution for those who are looking for a real-time picture of the industry. It provides a complete and up to date overview of the market, which enables you to make perfect business and investment decisions.


For each company, the following categories are provided: Activity level, Latest news, Specs, System (PEM, SOFC, Other) and Main product.


Main products are categorized into Fuel Cell Maker, Materials Supplier, Components Supplier, System Integrator, H2 Storage Solutions, H2 Production / Electrolyzer, Sub-Systems or Fueling Stations.



Photo: Mercedes-Benz 



July 24, 2019 | Fygen Team
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