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Fygen is world's leading data provider for factory observation

Fygen is a Berlin-based intelligence SaaS provider for the global manufacturing industries. Our innovative remote data gains insights into the real-space industrial activities at a glance. You will get:

  • Real time activity levels of factories and industries
  • Answer the question “How busy is the factory at the moment” (capacity load)?
  • Historical activity development of the factory
  • Comparison to peer groups
  • Remotely generated data with maximum delay of a few hours
  • Unique and exclusivity important data
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Which factories or industrial sites do you want to monitor?

Our technology can X-ray industrial factories. Utilization rates and production downtimes become visible. Do you want to monitor a specific factory or industrial site? Check if our service would be available.

Which factories or industrial sites do you want to monitor?


We will be able to deliver the data you need.
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The factory should have at least 200 employees

Check our data schema

Our service includes 6 primary datasets*. Among them:

  • Activity level Activity level

    Summary index: Current and historical overall activity level of the selected factory.

  • Workday activity Workday activity

    Beyond Workday activity: Check for downtimes.

  • Overtime index Overtime index

    Overtime index: Focussing on overall overtime activity level.

  • Weekend activity Weekend activity

    Weekend activity: See if the factory is deployed on weekends.

  • Holiday activity Holiday activity

    Holiday activty: See if the factory is deployed on holidays.

  • Night activity Night activity

    Night activity: See if night shifts have been added or cancelled.

Process the data

Process the data

  • Set up your individual dashboard
  • Arrange peer groups for comparison
  • Get individual reports
  • Get alerted when extraordinary events are seen in the data
  • Use API calls to integrate the data into your system

Fygen’s clients voices

Internal industry deep-dive into the power transformer industry. Very happy.

CARLYLE Investment Management L.L.C.

Since we are an electrical steel supplier, it is important to estimate consumption of each country.

Mitsubishi Corporation

Fygen’s meaningful data analysis lets you understand the current status of the industry

Hyundai Heavy Industries

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